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Beginning Investing

Investing in shares or forex

You investing in shares or forex via an intermediary such as an online investing service, which acts as a broker between you and the stock exchanges. You place orders online or by telephone to buy, on your behalf, the number of shares you want. You’ll also need to state your preferred order types; these include market orders, limit orders and stop-loss orders. An investing service is simply an intermediary authorised by a contract / certificate value between the company and client to buy and sell equities on behalf of clients.

The value of shares can rise and fall over time. A share’s performance, and the corresponding value of investment, will depend on the actions of the company whose shares you own and general market sentiment.

Understanding Risk

When investing , the objective is for the value of investment to increase.

There is a direct relationship between risk and reward. Accept no risk and returns will almost certainly be low. Take greater risks, and the returns have more chance of being higher. The level of risk you take depends entirely on your appetite for risk. That in turn generally depends on personal factors, such as your investment objectives, how long you’re prepared to wait for your investment to grow.

Why Invest With Greenstone Corp

Studies have proved, time and again, that shares (or equities) are one of the best long-term investments in the financial market place. They tend to outperform government bonds, corporate bonds, property and many other types of asset. Shares are designed to provide investors with two types of return, annual income and long-term capital growth. Investors may buy shares specifically for income.

Our company generate substantial amounts of cash every year. We use some of that money for general corporate purposes, such as paying rent and wage bills, and they may use some of the money to invest in equipment, research and development. But a proportion of that money we paid to investors as a dividend. As dividends are usually paid out twice a year, we can provide investors with a regular income.

How to Hold

Share ownership has developed in many ways over the past 25 years. Technological advances have made share trading faster, cheaper and simpler. There has also been a shift in the number of people owning shares and the way in which they hold them. Paper certificates used to be sent to all shareholders and these had to be kept safe as proof of ownership. Once an investor had bought a share, his or her name would appear on the company register, which lists every shareholder in the company.

Nowadays, investors can still choose to receive paper certificates but these are increasingly regarded as cumbersome and outdated by many investors and stockbrokers. Lost certificates are expensive to replace and trading takes longer, which frequently means that investors lose out, as the price at which they thought they were selling a share may not be the price at which a trade is finally settled.

Most individual investors are encouraged, therefore, to receive by mail certificate value / contract of purchase of shares / forex.

Our Future

Nobody is as committed to your financial future as you, but we can help you take control and achieve results. The success of our business is closely aligned to your success. If you prosper we prosper; we have every incentive to help you achieve financial success. Our aim is to continue to provide an industry-leading service and investment experience; making investing accessible, simple and prosperous.