The following article is a basic guide to investing in the stock market providing you with the knowledge to get started.

Investing in the stock market is one of many ways that people can try to extend their wealth. Remember that there are no hard and fast rules as investment is based on the individual.

There are various factors to consider that will differ from person to person, such as:

What is your goal ?





Planning for
the future


How much you have to invest ?

What time scale you are working to ?

What returns you are aiming for ?

If you are new to investing funds can be an easier way to start investing in the markets. When planning to invest in individual equities and bonds the level of company and market research required increases considerably. When investing in funds you pay professional Fund Managers to make decisions and invest your money for you.

Investing early can benefit from ‘compound growth’ where your earnings are reinvested back into your original investment. This means over time they have the potential to grow faster than the original investment alone.

Our Future

Nobody is as committed to your financial future as you, but we can help you take control and achieve results. The success of our business is closely aligned to your success. If you prosper we prosper; we have every incentive to help you achieve financial success. Our aim is to continue to provide an industry-leading service and investment experience; making investing accessible, simple and prosperous.

Meet our Analysts

Evan Smith joined Greenstone Corp, London in 2014, he provides market commentary and analysis on various asset classes across a wide range of media, including Bloomberg, Reuters, and Wall Street Journal. He will be sharing his views on today’s current market, focusing closely on the Asian financial markets and economies. Smith also had stints in market economic research and the think tank circuit. His areas of research expertise and interest lie at the crossroads of international economics and financial markets, although his curiosity has led him to work on Track II diplomacy, specifically on economic policies.

Travis Allen has been working in the financial markets for over nine years, with companies including ABN AMBRO, HSBC Investment Bank, Global Trader and PSG Online Securities. He currently heads up our premium client management department and is a regular contributor to media organisations that include Reuters Africa, Summit TV, Moneyweb, SABC and CNBC Africa. Travis is also a representative of the Financial Services Board (FSB), a member of the South African Institute for Financial Markets and an equity derivative member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Michael Evens – Non-executive Chairman

Michael became a non-executive Director of the Greenstone Corp in September 2010 and was appointed non-executive Chairman in November 2013. Mychael is a qualified actuary with over 30 years’ industry experience. He is also non-executive Chairman of Zoopla Property Group plc and a non-executive director of Chesnara PLC. Michael was formerly Chief Operating Officer at Skandia UK Limited.

MIKE WILLAMS – Head of International Equities

Mike joined Greenstone Corp in October 2010 and was appointed Head of International Equities in March 2011.

He currently manages Global and North American equities. Mike’s investment experience stretches back to 1986 when he worked as a fund manager at Kleinwort Benson. After five years at Manulife, Mike went to Lazards as Head of Japanese Equities in 1995, moving to NPI before joining Greenstone Corp.

IAIN MCNEILL – Senior Portfolio Manager, European Equities

Iain joined Greenstone Corp in August 2012 as a Fund Manager, European Equities. Iain has more than 19 years’ experience in European equities. He began managing European portfolios in 1994 and ran funds for Morley and Insight Investments.